dinsdag, juni 10, 2008

Bike trip in Grote Markt - Visiting Vleeshal building - HVP 6.8

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Haarlem Bike Views presents tonight these pictures made by HVPSM 2.0 in June 10, 2008 during a trip in the centrum-city to visit the Vleeshal Buiding on the big market with a friend from Mali, Hamadou...
Grote Markt: Vleeshal
This is certainly the most elegant building of the Grote Markt. The Haarlem town authorities wanted a rich decorated meat market, a real prestige building and that is what the town architect Lieven de Key (one of the many Flemish immigrants) provided in 1604 by using much natural stone in combination with bricks.
The style of the Vleeshal is described by some as "Hollands Renaissance" because of the many ornaments; "manierist" style is also used.

Regulations inside the Vleeshal were very strict: no slaughtering, no walking around, no playing and, very understandable, dogs were strictly prohibited. The rent for the butcher was high: 30 florins per year.

The Vleeshal as well as the Verweyhal are now an annexe of the Frans Hals museum under the name "De Hallen". On the time of my visit to Haarlem, I was lucky that the temporary exhibition was on Isaac Israel a very good Dutch impressionist. The theme of the exhibition was "Israels on the beach". This exhibition stops already on 19/08/2007. I have joined some photos.
Next exhibition from 01.09.2007 to 25.11.2007 will show works from 15 young artists from Europe and the USA with the theme "The present order is the disorder of the future".

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