dinsdag, januari 01, 2008

Stempels Grand Restaurant in Haarlem - Big bang for new year's day 2008 - HVP 1.8

Hi passengers!

Haarlem.EN presents tonight this 20 mn film made by Sony Magellan Pictures during the new year celebration of 2008 located on Klokhuisplein when people started their fireworks around Stempels complex at 12:00 PM creating a big bang sound coming inside the hotel...

...At 2:00 AM i was still there when the following words from a big friend appears on my mailbox :
Information is not knowledge
Knowledge is not wisdom
Wisdom is not truth
Truth is not beauty
Beauty is not love
Love is not music

 I replied : Music is our best my friend, happy new year 2008 anyway...
Stempels - A restaurant in the centrum of Haarlem 
Making a feast out of every dinner, that’s the point at the restaurant. With dedication and a great deal of enjoyment chef Ronald Lamers and his co-workers prepare a surprising for-courses menu. 
In addition there are seasonal dishes. And of course you can choose very beautiful wines. Restaurant keeper Frans van Cappelle: ‘Our objective is to offer our guests a culinary event for a matching price: gorgeous food, a special ambience and pleasant service. 
A reason to visit Haarlem!” The restaurant is partly situated in the old inner court of the former Joh. Enschedé premises and partly in the old style rooms. It opens daily from 5.30 pm. The kitchen closes at 10 pm. There are 70 seats. The restaurant also caters for private dinner parties (see also: Conference rooms).

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