zondag, juni 10, 2007

Bike trip to Amsterdamstraat - Dekamarkt in Haarlem - HVP 6.7

Hi passengers !
Haarlem Bike Views presents tonight this clip shoted on the way to Amsterdamstraat in June 10, 2007. 
The purpose of my trip was to buy cigarettes in Dekamarkt, Shops well known in the Netherlands for it good quality products and cheap prices...
Dekamarkt Netherlands
DekaMarkt is a Dutch retail company which operates a chain of supermarkets in the country. It's also a member of Superunie, a Dutch purchasing organization for supermarkets.
The first DekaMarkt opened in 1941 selling groceries in Velsen-Noord opened by Dirk Kat. 
In 1955 the first real supermarket opened in IJmuiden, where fresh bread, meat and vegetables were available. 
The name DekaMarkt was first used in 1969, when branches in the Zaanstreek introduced the name. 
In 1986 the final branch was named DekaMarkt. The term 'Deka' came from Dirk Kat's name. 
In 2001 the supermarket became part of the Detailresult B.V group, when it was joined by another Dutch supermarket - Dirk van den Broek. The two are currently considering being fused together to just one name. 
There are now DekaMarkts in North Holland, South Holland, Gelderland, Overijssel, Flevoland, Friesland and since recently Drenthe. There are 51 places that currently have at least one DekaMarkt, although most places have more.

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