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Escollir Stempels para olir Jazz en Haarlem - HVP 8.7

Hola Passengers !

Haarlem.ES presenta esta noche un video para imaginar un paseio en la ciudad de Haarlem hasta Stempels durante el festival de Jazz...

Descobren a traves de las criticas dejadas en el Trip.advisor mas informaciones acerca de este Hotel localizado a solamente 15 minutos de tren de la capital Holandesa Amsterdam. 
Excelente hotel. Disfrutamos de nuestra estancia. La habitación estaba muy bien decorada, muy limpia y ordenada. Llegamos pronto y nos dejaron registrarnos justo.

http://imagene.youropi.com/stempels4(p:restaurant,2361)(c:0).jpgMe encantó oír el churchbells. Nos estábamos justo encima de la cocina, que no olía nada (en contraste a otra cama con dosel) .

Si alguna vez encontrar nosotros mismos en Haarlem otra vez, sin duda volveremos a alojarnos aquí. Muy bonito. 
Este miembro de TripAdvisor indica :  
  • Me gustó — Computer in room with free internet! 
  • No me gustó — nothing
Aspectos positivos 
Las habitaciones eran, en general, limpio; ordenador con tecnología servicio de internet en tu habitación; una televisión pantalla plana en cada habitación; tranquilo de noche; presión de agua en las duchas fantásticas; las camas son bastante cómodas y las almohadas están muy bien y mullidas, no plana. La ciudad está a 15 minutos en tren a Ámsterdam.

Puntos negativos 
Nuestra habitación estaba cerca de la zona de encima del restaurante; nuestra habitación olía inicialmente de pescado; que pedimos que cambiar de habitaciones para que no estaban disponibles, el personal de limpieza era enviado y que un re-la limpieza. Lo que parecen ayudar el problema.

/Champú de jabón de Hotel muestras parecía que estaban re-lleno y abrió antes. Afortunadamente habíamos traído nuestro propio.

El personal:
no es problema alguno con el personal. Fueron el tipo de gente a solo hacer su trabajo, y nada más que eso.
 Reservas y informaciones en stempelsinhaarlem.nl

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Stempels zalen in Haarlem - Lettergieterij van Johannes Enschede - HVP 8.7

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/ce/Lettergieterij_van_Johan_Enschede_te_Haarlem.pngHi Passengers !

Haarlem.EN presents tonight this clip made by HVPSM 2.0 with pictures from the Stempels complex in Klokhuisplein and realised on August 17,18 & 19, 2007 during a Jazz Festival. 
The sound of this film is performed by U2 with tittle Stateless mixed into the pictures to remember the past of this building where a restaurant, hotel, Café and Brasserie are open in our days. Discover now what was the first activity of this place with the following numeric report...
Lettergieterij van Johannes Enschede 
Izaak Enschedé and his son Johannes established their printing-office and type-foundry in Haarlem’s inner city in 1703.

The company, later called Royal Joh. Enschedé, stayed active there until 1992. Then it moved to Haarlem’s Waarderpolder.

After three centuries the company is about 26.000 m2 in premises at the Klokhuisplein, Damstraat and Nauwe Appelaarsteeg.

After the foundation of the printing-office Enschedé quickly got an international reputation, because, for example, it printed religious texts in several languages and signs: The Bible, the Talmud, the Koran and songbooks.

Also the Oprechte Haarlemsche Courant, the one but oldest newspaper in the world, was printed by Joh. Enschedé from 1737 until 1940.

Apart from printing, the company was engaged in type-foundry as well. Lead characters were poured into iron matrixes and put on the presses of many printers in those times. Matrixes are hard to make and therefore very expensive. By buying an endless range of other type-foundries Joh. Enschedé was able to collect a lot of stamps and matrixes. The wide range of characters, stamps and signs made it possible to create very beautiful and complete publications.
During the nineteenth century the image of “special printer” was growing. Breakthroughs achieved in the field of the Japanese and Javanese writing, led to the fact that the first banknotes for East and West India were printed in 1810.
Little later, in 1814, Joh. Enschedé also printed the banknotes for the New Dutch Bank and in 1866 the company got the first order to print post stamps for the Dutch Postal Services.

From 1870 foreign post stamps followed, for example: Luxembourg, Persia and Transvaal. In the twentieth century Joh. Enschedé continued the tradition of letter design and gained international awards with, for example, the new type “Lutetia” (Jan van Krimpen 1925). The company invested heavily in expanding international activities and at the end of the century it printed post stamps for 65 countries. Apart from that fact Joh. Enschedé maintained his position as printer of banknotes.
Higher demands were made on the aesthetics and security of banknotes. The company got the contract for the world-wide security of Travellers Cheques and started co-operation with the national Dutch printing-house ‘SDU’ for printing passports and driving licenses. By that time the digital technology came up and Joh. Enschedé collected several patents in this matter.

Nowadays Joh. Enschedé prints Euro bank notes for five countries, but no longer from the Appelaar, as the former Joh. Enschedé premises is called.

zondag, augustus 19, 2007

Stempels Grand Café in Haarlem - Sounds of Jazzstad Festival 2007 - HVP 8.7

Hi passengers! 
Haarlem.EN presents tonight this HVPSM 2.0 film of 15 mn shoted during the Haarlem JazzStad edition 2007, a big festival of jazz music which happens on August 17, 18 & 19 just in front Stempels Grand Café. 
The Grand Café is open since August 16, 2006 and less than one year later the streets have been invaded by thousands of persons where the party was great and with no sign of agressive behaviours around the others pubs of  Klokhuisplein (Centrum-city) during these three nights...

Stempels - A Grand Café in the centrum of Haarlem 
The pub is situated in the former printing-office. Here, for three centuries banknotes and post stamps left the presses, nowadays alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are served. Regularly performances take place here ( see: Events). The pub is open from Mondays until Thursdays from 4.30 pm until 1.00 am, on Fridays and Saturdays from 4.00 pm until 2.00 am and on Sundays from 4.00 pm until 1.00 am.
Stempels is not just a hotel, but also features a restaurant and brasserie. This all happens on the premises of the former Joh. Enschede complex, where for many years the Dutch banknotes have been pressed as well as post stamps for a lot of different countries. In other words, a place with a rich history, renovated into a modern hotel-restaurant, full of cosy atmosphere, right in the centre of the monumental heart of Haarlem.

On the first, second and third floor of the building are seventeen hotel rooms. There are six standard rooms, four superior rooms, five luxury rooms, one junior suite and one suite. All rooms are provided with Hästens beds, a flat screen television set, a computer, internet facilities, toilet and a shower. The luxury rooms and suites also have a bath. Like everywhere in the building one can find original decorations and ornaments in the hotel rooms.
Staying at the front of the building gives you a magnificent view of the Klokhuisplein and the St.Bavo church. 
Klokhuisplein 9
2011 HK Haarlem
Phone: +31 (0)23 512 39 10
Fax: +31 (0)23 534 46 03 
Haarlem JazzStad 2007 
Het grootste jazz festival van Nederland vindt dit jaar plaats van 15 t/m 19 augustus op de Grote Markt in Haarlem. Een diversiteit van artiesten en musici staan garant voor een leuke muzikale avond voor jong en oud. Naast het hoofdpodium op de Grote Markt, zijn er door de gehele stad muziekgroepen te vinden.


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